Conference Topics

knowledge: explicit, implicit, reasoning, constraints, representation

knowledge discovery in databases, distributed data space, data and event flows, text documents

expert knowledge acquisition and representation, data flows knowledge acquisition and representation

information retrieval, text and multimedia databases, similarity modelling, data features extraction, data recognition in text, sound, video

natural language processing

knowledge-based systems and their applications

ubiquitous intelligence

machine learning

multi-agent systems and technologies, planning

representation of metaknowledge, markup languages, semantic annotation of documents

text information extraction

semantic web, ontologies and conceptual models

web and grid services, service oriented architecture

knowledge grids

pattern languages

user interfaces

social networks and collaboration in the web environment

knowledge and security

development of the standards for web

knowledge management: people, process, enterprise culture

intelligent e-technology: e-learning, e-government, e-business, e-commerce

web support systems for recommendation, information retrieval, navigation,...